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Re: Media coverage of media deregulation

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Dan Billings wrote:

> > Although I can almost guarentee he'll be getting an nasty letter from some
> > executives for doing so.....
> I wonder.  Rush was defending Clear Channel's position on the issue and I
> tend to think that he wouldn't react kindly to be told what he shouldn't
> talk about.  He could always do like Imus and bring up any suggestion from
> management on the air.

Sure he was defending them, but those two calls that disagreed with hgim,
I could see Clear Channel being upset about those. Of course he was
defending Clear Channel, they own his show. No Clear Channel employee goes
on the air and states their opinion of the company that they work for
unless it is positive.......and if they did, it's the axe.