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Re: McDonough


It is the wake

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003 2:55PM -0500, Chuckigo@att.net wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
>>>  Can anyone think of anything that rivals the death of Will 
>>> McDonough? The
> press TV coverage has been extraordinary and now comes word he being 
> waked at
> the FleetCenter. <<
> it's an interesting, but perhaps expected, reaction to the loss of a 
> "true son
> of Boston."  not unlike we'd see for any major city figure.
> i had seen notes of a "memorial" service at the Fleet Center for 
> Tuesday, but
> thought it odd that it was scheduled for multiple hours and two 
> different time
> frames, not unlike a wake schedule.
> there are those of us who may have known him in passing, or simply knew 
> of
> him.  but the detail to which we've been enlightened as to the depth of 
> his
> sports' friendships would not have me wondering too much longer about a 
> service
> of sort at the Fleet Center.  although i think his contemporary, Joe 
> Fitzgerald
> in the Herald, worded his column yesterday nicely, envisioning an "aw 
> shucks"
> reaction from Will.
> my thoughts and prayers go out to Sean and the entire McDonough 
> Family.
> - -Chuck Igo