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Fwd: RE: McDonough

DATE: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:42:28
From: "Paul Hopfgarten" <paul@03038.com>
To: "Sean Smyth" <ssmyth@suscom.net>, "Kevin Vahey" <k-vahey@attbi.com>,"Boston Radio Mailing List" <bri@bostonradio.org>

God, I hope not. The corrupt midget belongs in jail for a minimum of
accessory after the fact in the Whitey Bulger case.

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

This just in:

James Bulger was spotted playing the oboe (a woodwind
instrument) at Sanders Theater in Cambridge, Mass
on Sunday afternoon Jan 12th.  The Cambridge audience,
largely anti-authority, did not turn Mr. Bulger in.

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