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Rap & Hip Hop On WOTW

  While not hearing any Bee Gees tunes in my travels up & down the radio
dial this afternoon, I did catch rap and hip hop music on WOTW (900 Nashua
NH) this afternoon, about 2:15 I tuned in and heard a rap song, then a
female voice "shouting out props" to a whole bunch of names, including her
scratcher and mixer. She also welcomed requests and gave the WOTW phone #,
so this is a local show. She did all this while a hip hop song was playing
under her, then the song continued and eventually mixed right into another
hip hop tune. My guess it's a brokered time show, I can't imagine WOTW has
flipped to an urban format, but then again, I never expected that the WOTW
calls would return to Nashua either. At least Maury Parent (a/k/a Big Moe)
wasn't the host of this show!! LOL

     I would guess that since WGAW (1340 Gardner) is now simulcasting WOTW,
this show also airs on WGAW.

   Also of note, a couple of times over the last couple of weeks I've tuned
in to WOTW around 7 or 8 PM, they had a religious show on, again I'm
guessing a brokered time deal.

Mark Watson