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Re: Maurice Gibb has died

   Bob Nelson wrote:

> The Baby Boomer generation has lost the likes of
> George Harrison, John Phillips, and John Entwhistle.
> Now, Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb has passed away
> at 53 (of a heart attack while waiting for intestinal
> blockage surgery).
> Expect oldies and AC stations to play a lot of Bee
> Gees tunes in remembrance.

   WODS is having what they call "That 70's Weekend" playing nothing but
70's tunes all weekend, I'm sure the Bee Gees 70's hits will find their way
into the mix. Also, Dan McCoy mentioned that tonight, Barry Scott will
devote an hour of "The Lost 45's" to a Maurice Gibb tribute, featuring an
hour of Bee Gee's songs and the airing of an interview he had with Maurice.
Show airs from 7 to 11 PM. Didn't hear any Bee Gees tunes anywhere else in
my travels up and down the dial while out and about this early afternoon.

Mark Watson