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Re: McDonough

Kevin wrote:
>> Can anyone think of anything that rivals the death of Will McDonough? The 
press TV coverage has been extraordinary and now comes word he being waked at 
the FleetCenter. << 

it's an interesting, but perhaps expected, reaction to the loss of a "true son 
of Boston."  not unlike we'd see for any major city figure.

i had seen notes of a "memorial" service at the Fleet Center for Tuesday, but 
thought it odd that it was scheduled for multiple hours and two different time 
frames, not unlike a wake schedule.

there are those of us who may have known him in passing, or simply knew of 
him.  but the detail to which we've been enlightened as to the depth of his 
sports' friendships would not have me wondering too much longer about a service 
of sort at the Fleet Center.  although i think his contemporary, Joe Fitzgerald 
in the Herald, worded his column yesterday nicely, envisioning an "aw shucks" 
reaction from Will. 

my thoughts and prayers go out to Sean and the entire McDonough Family.

- -Chuck Igo