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Clea Simon's Column Moving to Sundays?

Those of you who picked up the Boston Globe last Thursday (01/09) may have
noticed there was no radio column by Clea Simon.  I assumed she was on 
vacation or hustling her book "The Feline Mystique" (honest).  But today,
Sunday Jan. 12th, she had a feature in the Arts section about the new guy co-hosting "Here and Now" on WBUR-FM.   The question is: was this a
one-shot deal or is her (sometimes accuracy-challenged) radio column going
to be a part of the Sunday Globe, where it could reach, and possibly mislead
a larger readership?  
The URL is:


(This could disappear from the website in a few hours, although Sunday
Globe articles stay a little longer than their counterparts daily.)

Laurence Glavin

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