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WOTW-AM (As Well As WGAW) Seems To Be 24-Hours

I've kept one of my (too many) radios locked on 900 for the
past few days, and I've noticed that WOTW-AM in Nashua has
been on-the-air every time I've tuned it in, late at night or
well before sunrise.  At my location, some 15 miles from 
downtown Nashua (its Xmtr is in a mill complex just west of
the center of the City), the signal has come in very well
indeed, covering its Canadian co-habitant of 900 khz most
of the time.   This is more signal than one would expect from a 60-watt station at that distance.  Maybe some denizens
of the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH would care to give
it a try...it's probably on right now. (The station IDs always include WGAW,
Gardner, MA)

PS:  Salem's WCEC-AM 1110 is still signing on at
5:45 in the morning as it did in August.  IT'S NOT AUGUST!

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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