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the return of Jerry Williams

First Jerry Williams show on WROL went pretty well,
though it was merely an hour (and if you take away the
newscast, promos, and ads, there was not much
content). Hmm, first he was doing 4 hours on 'RKO;
then they cut his show to "the fastest two hours in
radio", and now 'ROL has him for one lil' hour,
just before Raybo.

His guest was Boston Phoenix writer Seth Gitell
(subject: John Kerry's candidacy). Jerry said he wants
to run for president (he'll only accept
$1 bills for his campaign)...And his daughter Eve, aka
"Taylor Morgan" of WBZT (W. Palm Beach, FL) was there,

He kept referring to his producer as being
"Jimmy"--would that be former Gene Burns prod. Jimmy

Made reference to other stations' studios as being
"smelly". Remember when he did late mornings at 'RKO
and he kept complaning about the smell of Marge
Clapprood's ciggies?

But hey, Jerry's back.

So this horse walks into a bar and the bartender said,
"Why the long face?".

And there's a pic of Ray Flynn holding an umbrella for
the Pope, and he's looking... ANNOYED...

Irving, could you get camera 3 in on this? :)

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