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Re: WOTW-AM (As Well As WGAW) Seems To Be 24-Hours

   This is more signal than one would expect from a 60-watt
> station at that distance.  Maybe some denizens
> of the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH would care to give
> it a try...it's probably on right now. (The station IDs always include
> WGAW,> Gardner, MA)
> Laurence Glavin
> Methuen, MA

I've watched the S Meter of my Yaesu FRG-7 drop quite a bit at exactly
4:45 pm a couple of days ago while listening to WOTW. However, here in
East Derry the last several nights, WOTW is still atop of the Canadiennes,
even at 9:30pm. They do indeed seem to be on 24 hrs a day now with a
bigger punch at night then they've had before.


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