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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

>As I recall, it had buttons for both the Matrix and another
>quadrophonic sytem SQ or HQ or something??? I forget now.
>It was 25 years ago!!

Yes there were several competing Quadrophonic (4-channel stereo)
technologies. That's part
of the reason it failed. One was the SQ system (commercially developed by
CBS labs in partnership
with Sony) and the other was the QS, system developed by Sansui in Japan. SQ
stood for 'Stereo
Quadraphonic' and QS stood for 'Quadraphonic Stereo'. It is interesting,
after all this stuff
went down the tubes, Dolby Labs bought the rights to SQ and QS and derived
their *ANALOG*
Dolby Surround Matrix from these old quad systems.

So when you tune in a TV show where the sound is broadcast in Dolby
Surround, it is all derived from this Quadraphonic nonsense 25 years ago.

Some receivers and component FM tuners during the heyday of Quadraphonic had
an IF output
jack. This was so you could connect a Quadraphonic adapter box once the
Quadraphonic Radio
Systems Committee recommended to the FCC and the latter had approved a
standard system for
Quadraphonic FM. They were proposing to add in another subcarrier for the
rear channels,
just like was done for FM stereo.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)