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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

There were two competing LP quad schemes: SQ was the Columbia version, and
used a helical modulation signal in the left-right walls of the record
groove to reproduce left rear and right rear when a stereo signal was fed
into an SQ decoder and two additional amplification channels.  The other, I
think was called CD-4 and was pioneered by JVC used a special stylus and a
deeper record groove (I'm not making this up) that had the rear channels at
the bottom of the groove and again, through a decoder (some built into the
turntable base, with four RCA line level outputs) and two additional amp

Some of the stereo quad rigs had a joystick control for balancing the four
speakers.  It was really gimmicky and not very practical.  The only
redeeming feature of a specific quad record was Santana's Abraxis.  The mix
in stereo was very different and one I preferred even over the CD releases.

Interesting site at
http://personal.riverusers.com/~manderso/quaddisc/quadplay.htm describes the
competing quad formats.  There was also a discrete quad format in 8-track
cartridges and reel tape.

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> > What about the old Matrix-encoded Quadrophonic FM broadcasts?
> What about quadrophonic stereo records?  I remember talking about
> the idea with one of my
> law professors, and he figured he'd just bought his two-channel
> stereo and didn't need four
> channels.  I think that's what most people figured.
> > Quadrophonic FM Stereo sure didn't last long.
> Quad stereo didn't last long in any medium.
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