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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 19:20:11 -0500 (EST)
> From: rjoc@webtv.net (Rod O'Connor)
> Subject: Re: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies
> What about the old Matrix-encoded Quadrophonic FM broadcasts?
> I remember back in 1974/75 while I was stationed in NYCity  WRFM 105.1
> (Run by Bonneville back then with Beautiful/EZL 
> Music; It's now Chancellor's WTJM) would have an hour of quadrophonic
> music between 8-9PM. I don't know what other Boston stations aside from
> WCRB also featured any version of the quad. broadcasts back then. 

WBCN broadcast in full-time "quadrophonic" for a period in the early 70's. 
I think it was around 1973, or somewhere in there. 

Of course, not many of the records were actually quadraphonic, so they were 
actually broadcasting in "fake" quadraphonic by fooling with the phasing 
and EQ of the different channels, sort of like the fake "stereo" records 
remastered from mono tracks in the early 60's.

I never actually heard this effect on a quadrophonic receiver, but I recall
that the processing caused some cancellation when mixed to mono, resulting 
in a tinny sound from mono receivers.

Eli Polonsky

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