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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 17:24:04 -0500
> From: Richard Chonak <rac@gabrielmass.com>
> Subject: Re: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies 
> WCRB had another unusual technical feature at the time: they
> used to simulcast the Boston Symphony and Pops concerts with
> WGBH-FM to present a quadrophonic effect for listeners who owned
> two stereo systems. The front two channels were broadcast on
> WCRB and the rear two on WGBH.  

There was also a similar deal made in the early 70's between WBCN and 
WGBH radio and television to broadcast a series of rock concerts with 
video and quadraphonic sound.

WBCN supplied the front two channels, WGBH supplied the rear two, and 
if I remember correctly, the video was on WGBX-TV Channel 44. This was 
circa 1971-1972.

I recall broadcast performances using this setup by Pink Floyd, Jefferson 
Airplane, The Grateful Dead, and perhaps Santana and maybe others. There 
were also "psychedelic" video effects sometimes superimposed on the 

WBCN even offered a listener "match-up" service for these broadcasts, 
where people could call in and be "matched" to people in their area who 
were either needing or offering use of equipment such as a second stereo 
or a televison (and effectively, a place and people to party with during 
the shows in their neighborhood). Definitely harkens back to "underground" 
radio days. 

Eli Polonsky

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