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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

>Amusingly all of the cinema hi-fi tweeks rejoiced when digital brought six
>(or 5.1) discrete tracks to the cinema. (Left, Center, Right, Left
>Right Surround, Sub).  It was only a matter of time until the tweaks
>screamed that they needed a back surround channel for Star Wars: Phantom
>Menace.  The fix was to apply the much maligned matrix to the surround
>channels and use the "center" channel as the surround back.  We've heard
>rumblings in the past few months that some enterprising idiots, er, sound
>editors, intend to use the surround's surround channel as Sc (surround
>ceiling) or the "Voice of God" channel.  Oh well, I sell speakers and

Just to keep the record straight,

SQ was the CBS/Sony system, originally developed by Peter Scheiber, and
further developed
by Ben Bauer at CBS labs, along with Sony.

QS was the system developed by Sansui in Japan.

As I have pointed out, in another post, in the late 70s early 80s Dolby
bought rights
to the CBS and Sansui patents. That's called covering your posterior
(against potential
patent suits).

But you're right, Brian the Dolby stuff is mostly based on QS. I'm told.

Actually I thought all the hi-fi tweeks - you know the type that buy signal
cables that cost $700 per meter - they prefer DTS to Dolby Digital because
of the less severe data rate reduction used.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)