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Re: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

What about the old Matrix-encoded Quadrophonic FM broadcasts?

I remember back in 1974/75 while I was stationed in NYCity  WRFM 105.1
(Run by Bonneville back then with Beautiful/EZL 
Music; It's now Chancellor's WTJM) would have an hour of quadrophonic
music between 8-9PM. I don't know what other Boston stations aside from
WCRB also featured any version of the quad. broadcasts back then. 

Quadrophonic FM Stereo sure didn't last long. I bought a Realistic
Quadrophonic FM Receiver in 1977 at a close-out sale at the Radio Shack
in Orono, ME for $100.  There were no quadrophonic broadcasts here in
Maine at that time. It was just a nice receiver with lots of buttons and
good FM sensitivity, and cheap!  I gave the receiver to my folks when I
got transferred to the Aleutian Islands. They used it for a few years
before it died.  Never did get a chance to hear anything in Quadrophonic
Stereo. As I recall, it had buttons for both the Matrix and another
quadrophonic sytem SQ or HQ or something??? I forget now.
It was 25 years ago!!
Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine