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Re: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

At 02:33 PM 11/29/02 -0800, Cooper Fox wrote:

>Seems like an aweful lot of work just to listen to a
>concert.  I can only think of a couple people who
>would ever bother to do that nowadays(both are
>engineers).  Did it have a big draw?  Are people just
>lazier when it comes to radios and audio technology
>now than they were back then?

Cooper - I'm guessing you've never dealt with classical radio 
listeners  :-)  They can be a rabid bunch, devoted to some of the strangest 
ideas, be they real audio improvements or just nonsense.

College radio listeners tend to be similar I've noticed...you wouldn't 
believe the e-mails that WZBC got after I started playing with the presets 
on their Omnia3FM a few months ago.  Took a couple tries before I made them 
all happy.  :-)

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