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Re: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

Paul wrote:
> I don't remember Dolby FM, but why wasn't it successful?  I assume it 
> was the same technology as Dolby for tape, which of course became 
> standard on all cassette tape decks.  And what was so annoying about 
> it?  Did stations that broadcast with it sound different on non-Dolby 
> FM receivers?

As you have probably deduced from the explanations that have 
been given, Dolby FM broadcasts came through with artificially-
increased treble on non-Dolby receivers, much as a Dolby tape 
plays back with extra treble on a non-Dolby player.    

WCRB did broadcast calibration tones for the Dolby receiver
users; I used to hear them about 1 pm.   

WCRB had another unusual technical feature at the time: they
used to simulcast the Boston Symphony and Pops concerts with
WGBH-FM to present a quadrophonic effect for listeners who owned
two stereo systems. The front two channels were broadcast on
WCRB and the rear two on WGBH.  Every concert broadcast would
include a little preparatory procedure, sending announcer
William Pierce's audio to each of the four channels in turn so
that listeners could confirm that their speakers were correctly


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