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Re: Mindich "legal woes"

At 12:20 AM 11/24/2002, you wrote:
>  Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:
>>D'ya suppose all the legal woes Mindich's wife, Maria Lopez, is facing 
>>will put a dent in his financial fortune and force a selloff?
>Is she the judge who is facing disiplinary hearings for letting some 
>criminal off with a slap on the wrist?

Yes...but not for the sentencing, the hearings are about her lack of 
judicial restraint from her yelling at DA's and essentially telling clerks 
how she was going to rule before any arguments were even made.   The Boston 
Herald is making her the poster child for Mass's judicial system run 
amok...and so far I've been inclined to agree with them.  Mindich has not 
made things any easier by fighting any release of any relevant documents 
tooth and nail, no matter how small it seemed....makes him and his wife 
look that much more "guilty".

>>  I have no idea how profitable the "satellite" FNX stations 
>> are...although I was under the impression that WFNX by itself, before 
>> the satellite stations, was not very profitable, and depended on the 
>> Phoenix to stay afloat.
>I haven't seen much evidence that the repeater at 92.1 in N.H. is having 
>any impact.  Can't say I've EVER heard it on anyone's car or business 
>radio...even when they were the "old" WNHQ (pre-WJYY simulcast) you'd hear 
>it in some stores, etc.  Ratings seem pretty poor.  OTOH, I can't believe 
>the operating expenses are very high.

WWRX (103.7 Westerly/Providence) had a decent following in SE Connecticut 
when I was growing up there, back when they were classic rock with Imus in 
the morning.  I don't know how well it's done since FNX took over but I 
know 102.3 went from being WVVE AC "The Wave" to WAXK rock-alternative and 
that didn't do well, now they're something else that's still rock but less 
like FNX I think.   The problem with the rock-alternative demo in SE CT has 
always been that there's a huge audience in the male 18-25 demo thanks to 
the Sub base right there...but those guys never buy much off-base when the 
Commissary is so much cheaper.  So getting advertising is tough.

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