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Re: Mindich "legal woes"

  Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:

>D'ya suppose all the legal woes Mindich's wife, Maria Lopez, is facing 
>will put a dent in his financial fortune and force a selloff?

Is she the judge who is facing disiplinary hearings for letting some 
criminal off with a slap on the wrist?

>  I have no idea how profitable the "satellite" FNX stations 
> are...although I was under the impression that WFNX by itself, before the 
> satellite stations, was not very profitable, and depended on the Phoenix 
> to stay afloat.

I haven't seen much evidence that the repeater at 92.1 in N.H. is having 
any impact.  Can't say I've EVER heard it on anyone's car or business 
radio...even when they were the "old" WNHQ (pre-WJYY simulcast) you'd hear 
it in some stores, etc.  Ratings seem pretty poor.  OTOH, I can't believe 
the operating expenses are very high.