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Re: Thoughts after visiting the Hub

"Paul Anderson" wrote:
> The worst spot I've heard on a major market station recently is the
> running on WBZ advertising Taiwan.  It sounds like the phonograph
> record accompanying a grade-school filmstrip (OK, how many of us
> remember filmstrips) except they have a URL at the end.  Except you
> can't understand a word of the URL syntax.

Fimstrips - 35mm and your advanced a frame every time the record
beeped - right?  My great-grandfather told me about them.

Apparently, the ad is for the ecology of Taiwan - making it stranger
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time understanding the URL.
>From what I can gather, it's www.gio.???.?? <g>

Seems the ad runs once during the last hour of news before Bruds.