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Re: Thoughts after visiting the Hub

Paul Anderson wrote:
>The worst spot I've heard on a major market station recently is the one 
>running on WBZ advertising Taiwan.  It sounds like the phonograph record 
>accompanying a grade-school filmstrip (OK, how many of us remember 
>filmstrips) except they have a URL at the end.  Except you can't 
>understand a word of the URL syntax.

WBZ has lots of amateurish-sounding spots...way too many voiced by clients 
(those for Nina's Lighting are especially bad...bordering on 
unintelligible).  I'm sure the most-listened to station in New England can 
afford a good production staff, so it must be by design.  Something I find 
especially annoying is when they give the expiration date of an offer in a 
spot, they always seem to say it as "nine-fourteen-oh-two" instead of 
giving the date in a manner that normal people would use.  Can't imagine 
it's THAT much faster to say it that way.