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Re: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music

--- Mark Watson <markwats@attbi.com> wrote:
>    According to All Access: WQSO (96.7) Rochester NH
> has dropped oldies to
> go all jockless Christmas music. With the jocks
> missing, could this be a
> hint that a different format will appear on Dec.26? 

I noticed this myself the other night and tuned in
today-- it's still all-Christmas at 96.7. (Here on the
North Shore I can pick up WQSO on my car stereo,
despite the nearness to WTKK 96.9 -- though once in
awhile I get splatter from "FM Talk 96.9" over WQSO.)

Anyway, I heard a few songs in a row and no DJ so
that thought entered my head as well: are we talking
new format after the holiday? I had checked out
the WQSO website and no mention of the holiday
programming, etc.

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