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RE: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music

Unless they've got some "poop" that tells them that WMEX (106.5-Farmington)
has made an impact in the Oldies market subsequent to the Spring 2001 book,
it would not seem logical for WOSQ to dumb Oldies.

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> Subject: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music
>    According to All Access: WQSO (96.7) Rochester NH has dropped oldies to
> go all jockless Christmas music. With the jocks missing, could this be a
> hint that a different format will appear on Dec.26?  I'm guessing
> that most
> of the stations that are going all Christmas are keeping their jocks as
> well. By the way, latest Arbitron ratings for Portsmouth/Dover from Spring
> of 2002 find WQSO tied with WODS, WXKS-FM and WXRV with a 3.0, WQSO's
> numbers in the Fall 2001 book were 2.4.
> Mark Watson