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Re: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music

I seriously doubt there will be a format change there.  Many of these 
"all Christmas" stations are Clear Channel owned, as is WQSO. I think 
it's a short term ratings/revenue blip for the CC/Portsmouth cluster.

A three share in the Portsmouth/Dover/Rochester market is probably about 
as good as it's going to get for 96.7. Being a class A station in 
Rochester on the northern fringe of the market, it's never going to have 
ratings like its sister stations WERZ and WHEB.  Sure, the oldies market 
is crowded, with WQLL to the west, WODS to the south and WMEX to the 
north, but WQSO has the best coverage of the P-D-R market and is the 
"local" oldies station, for better or for worse.  Like most CC stations 
that are currently all Christmas, WQSO should return to it's previous 
format after the holidays.

I doubt that WMEX is much of a factor.  WQSO has enough problems 
covering the entire market with a solid signal, but WMEX is 
worse--they're a Lakes region station that occasionally makes a diary or 
two in the northern fringe of the Portsmouth market. I don't think that 
Clear Channel sees Dennis Jackson's station, as unique as it is, as much 
of a threat.  

Paul Hopfgarten wrote:

>Unless they've got some "poop" that tells them that WMEX (106.5-Farmington)
>has made an impact in the Oldies market subsequent to the Spring 2001 book,
>it would not seem logical for WOSQ to dumb Oldies.
>Paul Hopfgarten
>East Derry NH 03041
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>>   According to All Access: WQSO (96.7) Rochester NH has dropped oldies to
>>go all jockless Christmas music. With the jocks missing, could this be a
>>hint that a different format will appear on Dec.26?  I'm guessing
>>that most
>>of the stations that are going all Christmas are keeping their jocks as
>>well. By the way, latest Arbitron ratings for Portsmouth/Dover from Spring
>>of 2002 find WQSO tied with WODS, WXKS-FM and WXRV with a 3.0, WQSO's
>>numbers in the Fall 2001 book were 2.4.
>>Mark Watson