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Re: Mindich "legal woes"

The Groton/New London book has been embargoed by Arbitron for the last 
year, so no 12+ numbers are available to the public right now. However, 
from what I hear, 103.7 is doing very well in that market.  WAXK flipped 
from mainstream rock to classic hits as "XL-102" last year, so at this 
point WWRX is the only station covering Eastern Connecticut that has a 
younger-skewing rock format. I don't think Minditch cares all that much 
about the Groton/New London market as part of his overall strategy, but 
if he is indeed doing well with the 12-24 male demo there, I'm sure he's 
making a few bucks on agency buys, and is not too concerned about 
generating a lot of local revenue--at least local in respect to 
Groton/New London.

Mike Thomas

Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:

> WWRX (103.7 Westerly/Providence) had a decent following in SE 
> Connecticut when I was growing up there, back when they were classic 
> rock with Imus in the morning.  I don't know how well it's done since 
> FNX took over but I know 102.3 went from being WVVE AC "The Wave" to 
> WAXK rock-alternative and that didn't do well, now they're something 
> else that's still rock but less like FNX I think.   The problem with 
> the rock-alternative demo in SE CT has always been that there's a huge 
> audience in the male 18-25 demo thanks to the Sub base right 
> there...but those guys never buy much off-base when the Commissary is 
> so much cheaper.  So getting advertising is tough.