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Re: Thoughts after visiting the Hub

>Steve Ordinetz wrote:
Paul Anderson wrote:
>WBZ has lots of amateurish-sounding spots...way too many voiced by clients
>(those for Nina's Lighting are especially bad...bordering on

    About amateur voiced spots in general: "The customer's always right." I
think some of these people spend more money because they get to hear
themselves on the radio. Ditto for TV, of course.

   Now, I haven't heard the Taiwan ad. Maybe it was broadcast from there on
shortwave and recorded here :)). But my grape nomination is based on all
factors -- it's not a yokel ad voiced by a local furniture store owner, for
example.  It's a big-production national ad. I'm handicapping this
competition. Plus, of course, for some reason, I just happen to really hate
it to the Nth times two.