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WMWM back to full power

A mighty 130 watts! Able to leap tall buildings at a
single bound, changing the course of mighty rivers,
it's WMWM (91.7 Salem), finally back to full strength.
WMWM had transmitter troubles around Memorial Day
weekend and went back on with 10 per cent power, but
finally (as of last Friday) it's back to the full 130
w. of power... 

The station I've been with since 1981 (I'm on once per
month now, plus occasional fill ins) reaches
Gloucester to the east, Reading to the west, 
Revere/Tobin Bridge to the south, and Ipswich to the
north (used to reach into Rowley or Newburyport, but
WNEF changed that). We're hemmed in by the 
likes of WPAA Andover, WNEF Newburyport (both 91.7),
WUMB-FM Boston (91.9), and 91.5s in Lowell (WJUL) and
Medford (WMFO). We have alternative rock (some 
rap, jazz, and local music) on weekdays, and weekends
feature Spanish programming, techno, doo-wop,
Christian music, blues, jazz, and rock (local 
and otherwise). 

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