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Re: Rant @ Globe: WODS' 15 years of oldies

  A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>On this same subject, BTW, WROR has been touting a new format, allegedly 
>with more
>variety.  They even recently played a listener calling in, praising them 
>for not playing the
>same ten songs over and over, in contrast to that other station slightly 
>to the left on the dial.
>So they're at least playing lip service to a more open format.  I've been 
>listening, and so far, I
>haven't heard the same repetition as on other stations.

Some things never change.  They've touted this with every format they've 
done in the past, too.  As we all know, they've acheived stunning success 
with them all.  While this may be the incarnation of 105.7 that finally 
succeeds, remember they took on WODS too.

We've gotta keep in mind that those of us on this list are not exactly 
typical listeners.  A couple years ago I was riding with a friend...he had 
WZLX playing..one particular song came on, he reached over & turned the 
radio up and mentioned that he hadn't heard this one in years.  It was 
Steve Miller's "Jet Airliner".  Not exactly an obscure song, 'ZLX probably 
plays it twice a day.