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1950s oldies

I was listening to the UMass game yesterday on WATD on my car radio (The only radio that 
gets a decent signal on WATD).  After the game, the station began playing 1950s oldies.  
They continued to do so through the evening.  They played some really obscure oldies, too.  
One song called "Drums," by Kenny Chandler, I haven't heard since I was in high school in 
the early 60s.  Then they played the same song done by Jay and the Americans.  

This is the first time I've ever heard the Jay and the Americans version and, I think, the first 
time I've ever heard the Kenny Chandler version on the radio.  When I was in high school in 
Bedford, the town used to sponsor a weekly Saturday night record hop, with this guy who, at 
first, was still in school, but he continued to come back after he graduated.  He had an 
extensive record collection and seemed to like playing DJ every Saturday night.  He used to 
play "Drums," and I came to like the song.  It seems a lot dumber now, I must say.

Later, on WATD, they broke format for one song, playing a Spanish dance tune that they 
said is currently a big hit in Europe, but nobody plays it in the U.S.

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