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Re: 1950s oldies

   A. Joseph Ross wrote:

> I was listening to the UMass game yesterday on WATD on my car radio (The
only radio that
> gets a decent signal on WATD).  After the game, the station began playing
1950s oldies.
> They continued to do so through the evening.  They played some really
obscure oldies, too.

  They do 2 different oldies shows on Saturdays, or at least they did prior
to their picking up U Mass football this season. The first one runs from 2
to 6 PM, hosted by Ron Dwyer, formerly of Kiss 108, and later WVBF if memory
serves me correctly. He tends to stay in the 50's and 60's, including
post-Beatles tunes, featuring lower charting and some obscurities, as Atty.
Ross mentioned   in his post. Then from 6 to Midnight there's another oldies
show hosted by George Denham and another gentleman named Ed. They tend to
focus on the pre-Beatles era, including a fair dose of doo-wop thrown in.
For those who want more variety in their oldies diet, if you are within
signal range of WATD (95.9 Marshfield MA) you have a Saturday night
alternative to WODS and their "Saturday Night Party".

Mark Watson