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Re: Rant @ Globe: WODS' 15 years of oldies

At 06:51 PM 10/12/2002, Martin J. Waters wrote:
>    There's a whole level of actual reporting that doesn't go on here. With
>WODS and its sound-alikes in other major markets making this same shift
>(national context not mentioned, IIRC), there's a question about what
>happens to the audience for the 50s music.

My parents came up to visit me this Saturday and we headed up to 
Rockport.  There used to be three oldies stations within easy listening 
range of Mystic, CT (where they're from) and on the way up they stumbled 
across WODS and left it there for the entire drive around the North 
Shore.  Remarkably, they thought that WODS was "really good" and repeatedly 
mentioned that apparently Boston has better radio than they have in 
Southeastern Connecticut.

Now my folks are nowhere near the radio nuts that I am...but they do know 
what they like to hear.  And if they're saying the drivel that WODS is 
pumping out is "really good" then I think it's a sad commentary on radio in 

No wonder they generally prefer their own cassette tapes while driving.

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