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Re: Rant @ Globe: WODS' 15 years of oldies

I contend that for those of us who listen to "oldies",
when travelling to another city their "oldies" station
usually sounds great simply because it plays a
different mix from what you are used to hearing.

>My parents came up to visit me this Saturday and we headed up to 
>Rockport.  There used to be three oldies stations within easy listening 
>range of Mystic, CT (where they're from) and on the way up they stumbled 
>across WODS and left it there for the entire drive around the North 
>Shore.  Remarkably, they thought that WODS was "really good" and 
>repeatedly mentioned that apparently Boston has better radio than they 
>have in Southeastern Connecticut.
>Now my folks are nowhere near the radio nuts that I am...but they do know 
>what they like to hear.  And if they're saying the drivel that WODS is 
>pumping out is "really good" then I think it's a sad commentary on radio 
>in general.
>No wonder they generally prefer their own cassette tapes while driving.
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