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Re: Rant @ Globe: WODS' 15 years of oldies

On 15 Oct 2002 at 10:36, Aaron [Bishop] Read wrote:

> Now my folks are nowhere near the radio nuts that I am...but they do know
> what they like to hear.  And if they're saying the drivel that WODS is
> pumping out is "really good" then I think it's a sad commentary on radio
> in general.

When I've gone to Western Mass., I've enjoyed listening to WDRC-FM.  I liked them much 
better than WODS because they seemed to be playing a lot of songs that I didn't hear on 
WODS.  Eventually, I realized, that it's not that WDRC-FM was a better station, it's just that 
the dozen songs that they played over and over were a different dozen songs than WODS, 
and since it wasn't the same songs I'd gotten tired of, I liked it.

I suspect that the same thing was going on with your folks.

On this same subject, BTW, WROR has been touting a new format, allegedly with more 
variety.  They even recently played a listener calling in, praising them for not playing the 
same ten songs over and over, in contrast to that other station slightly to the left on the dial.  
So they're at least playing lip service to a more open format.  I've been listening, and so far, I 
haven't heard the same repetition as on other stations.  But maybe I just haven't been 
listening long enough.

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