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RE: memories of Jerry Williams' show

  Hakim Madjid wrote:
>My contention is that unfortunately, that someone as outspoken as Jerry
>Williams would not be tolerated by executive 'suits' if you will in this era
>of mega-conglomerate radio. The Clear Channels, Viacoms, & Disneys of
>today's radio landscape want non-controversial talking heads on the air,

I wouldn't call Stern, Rush or Bubba The Love Sponge non-controversial 
talking heads...both are syndicated by major groups.  OK, Stern has become 
predictable, but he was certainly considered controversial 15 years 
ago.  Rush also has lost a lot of his steam, but he used to get people very 
riled up at his peak 10 years ago.

There weren't many controversial talk hosts in Jerry's heyday either.