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RE: WJIB's signal

WJIB during LTAR sounded OK (and in stereo) here in Somerville this morning.
I know that's fairly close to the transmitter.

Clarifying a couple of points I heard on the show, WOMR ("OuterMost Radio") 
in Provincetown is indeed a non-commercial community station at 92.1 FM. 

WOMR was originally on 91.9, but was squeezed over to 92.1 a few years ago 
due (I believe) to the 91.9's from U. Mass Boston, WUMB (transmitting from 
Quincy) and more powerful translator WFPB, Falmouth.

WCUW is a non-commercial community station at 91.3 FM in Worcester. Originally 
the Clark University station, they split off and went independent many years 
ago. (I think Clark U. now has another (smaller) station).

Eli Polonsky

>Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 17:31:38 -0400
>From: "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com>
>Subject: WJIB's signal
>What happened to WJIB's signal this morning?  It sounded like night power --
>or like last year when the signal was weak for so long.

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