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RE: memories of Jerry Williams' show

Bob on the Dean:

> "They're out there."
> "I'm gonna get out of the business..."

How about "the Jerry Williams (topic of the day) and Storm Door Company."

He had (I think) Sweeny with him. Jerry's working on a live reader on the
Monadnock Mountain Spring Water Co. and Sweeny's helping with the copy.
Around they went with "Mo-NAD-nock not Monad-a-nock...Mo-NAD-nock, etc."
Just about drove off the road.

Caller: Hello, Jerry?  How are you Jerry"
Jerry: Do you REALLY want to know?  Really?  Well, I have this hang nail
and also my head hurts.  Did you REALLY want to know?  Hello Jerry?

Caller:  Jerry, this is Mary.
Jerry:  That's okay.

Good night, good luck, good night to you.

Bill O'Neill