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memories of Jerry Williams' show

During WBZ's Steve Laveille show tonight, with Larry
Glick as in-studio guest, there was a call by Jerry
Williams. They reminisced about the old times, with
Larry mentioning that Jerry helped him get hired
at WBZ.

Hearing Jerry's familiar voice brought back memories.
Do you remember:

Grace, Queen of the Cockamamies. (Kinda like Emily
Litella on Saturday Night Live) 

Steve Sweeney as "the mayah of the schitty o'Borston".
("They ask me about Curley's desk. What about Moe's
desk? Larry's desk? Are Laurel and Hahhdy 
missing any furniture I should know about? And this
fruitcake comes at me with 'Save the Whales'...I could
see saving stamps...") 

"The Governors" with Howie Carr and Barbara Anderson.
(Theme: "Theme from 'the Mod Squad'") 

The sex survey ("We had sex once on the washing
machine," one woman said.) 

Comedian Jay Charbonneau calling in masquerading as
someone, getting the audience steamed up before it was
revealed to be a put-on (sort of like what Phil
Hendrie does). A regular gig.

A riveting call about the horrors of war from a
returned Vietnam War soldier. Jerry's campaigns to
repeal the seat belt law and prevent a prison from
coming to New Braintree. 

Jingle: "Do you disagree ("I think he's horrible")/ Or
do you agree ("Yes he's wonderful")/ Well whatever you
do call in and let us know/ Just call us--THE JERRY

"They're out there." 

"I'm gonna get out of the business..." 

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