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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

> On 5 Jan 2002 at 20:21, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> > I recall oldies formats first hitting the commercial air in the early
> > with the "American Graffiti/Happy Days" 50's nostalgia era, the first in
> > Boston being the original 98.5 WROR circa 1973 with a great DJ lineup.
> > began as all pre-Beatles/pre-Motown 1954 through 1963, and added the
> > to mid 60's before becoming a gold-heavy AC and eventually flipping to
> > WBMX.

To which A. Joseph Ross replied:

> WROR's format initially was automated.

To which I, Brian Anastasi, reply:

98.5 was for a brief time WRKO-FM and was automated.  In fact, there was a
robot voice that said "This is ARKO, your automated robot...."  It was the
same time that 106.7 was WBZ-FM and also had an automated voice that would
say "have another hit from the radio station," an obvious reference to the
drug usage of the time.

On 5 January 2002 Eli Polonsky also wrote:

> > WCOP-FM 100.7 then made a brief ill-fated mid-70's attempt to get a
> > of the pie with automated pre-'63 oldies before flipping to country/rock
> > WTTK and eventually, after many various ownership and format changes,
> > WZLX.
To which I, Brian Anastasi, reply:

I seem to remember 100.7 being "beautiful music" for at least five years and
using the call letters WHUE.  In fact, just after that format and call
letters was dumped, there was about a week where listeners were asked to
call in and "help build a new radio station."  Out of that came classic rock