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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Brian Anastasi wrote
> 98.5 was for a brief time WRKO-FM and was automated.  In fact, there
was a
> robot voice that said "This is ARKO, your automated robot...."

When I worked at WRKO (4/70-1/73) WROR-FM was automated.  A
Gates system -a telephone-dial based controller, four AMPEX 350 Decks,
three or four Gates Cart Machines and 3 Gates 55 Cart Decks.  The format
was a Drake-Chenault creation called Hitparade YY (where YY is the last
digits of the year)  News & Wx were pre-recorded.

The only time they were live was when they were simulcasting "The Now
on Sunday Nights.

Prior to my arrival (April 1st, 1970), the Announcers' Union contract
for a live ID at the top of the hour.  So, they placed a microphone in
the AM
jock's booth.  When the automation system required an ID, it stopped,
on a red light in the jock's booth and waited.  The AM jock would press
button, announce the ID and release the button - firing off the next
event.  Ingenious, but clumsy.  Fortunately the contract was amended.

Roger Kirk

p.s. That automation system was eventually acquired by WKVT,
Brattleboro, VT