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Community Access TV as A Gateway

Plugging an idea for a local community access show is an ideal
way to gain experience and to possibly become noticed in some
small way by others...of course, make sure that you subscribe
to cable to begin with, as your application may not be taken
too seriously if you indicate you have a satellite dish or a
rooftop antenna (The first question I was asked when applying
to do a show on Montreal's CF Cable TV, now part of Videotron,
was "What is your subscriber number?")

Doing "Travel World" for 2 years on cable gave me a good idea
as to how I wanted to structure the show in the future, and,
when the now-silent CIQC AM 600 was looking to add a travel magazine
show to their Saturday morning lifestyles programming line-up,
their GM at least knew that I had some experience hosting a show
of comparable format and topic.

Now, we're embarking on offering "Travel World Reports", daily
5-minute features of travel conversation, set to debut next week
on launch station WKTJ 99.3 in Farmington (ME)...
so...Adam...start with an idea and run with it...you may be surprised
by the people who actually see/hear you, and be prepared to look
at every possible opportunity.

Stephen Pickford
Travel World Radio