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cable access(was Adam's quest...)

Bangor doesn't really have a cable access channel but
we do have a UHF station that runs a lot of cable
access type programming.  The one fairly good show on
their is, big surpise, done by a local jock.  He does
a tlak show...  But he only seems to feature local
broadcasters as his guests.  Maybe that's he point of
the show and I am missing it, tho.  Most of the guests
also seem to come from the company that he works
for...  He did, however, have a TV newsperson on a 
week or so ago and has asked one of the jocks from one
of the stations I work for.  It seems to be a very
well put together show.  

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> > I don't know why I didn't think of this
> sooner...Adam, instead of being so
> > gung-ho on radio, check out your local
> public-access channel on whatever
> > cable TV network your town is on.  Usually those
> folks are pretty
> desperate
> > for programming and they'll put almost anyone on
> after giving 'em a little
> > training.
> >
> > Yeah, okay...it's public access (ewww! :-)  but it
> beats NO access, right?
> That's a great idea.  He can call the show "Adam's
> World."  Though he'll
> need a sidekick.  Do you know anyone named Garth?
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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