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RE: Talk Radio - Adam's quest to be on the air...

On 8 Jan 2002 at 16:27, Adam Rivers wrote:

> Ego? What ego? My goodness, I have no ego, and I'm not
> thin-skinned. I can be offended, but at school if I
> had an ego, I wouldn't be liked and I wouldn't always
> be smiling.... I am annoyed with them because
> they'aren't true. I have talked about my achievements
> (which are few and far between) because it backs up
> what I say. but I have no ego.

This reminds me of what is said to be Groucho Marx's last witicism.  As 
he lay dying, the nurse came in with a thermometer wanting to "see if you 
have a temperature."

And Groucho replied, "Don't be silly, everybody has a temperature."

It also reminds me, more seriously, of a statement by Mr. Spock to the 
effect that Vulcans do have emotions, but they control them.

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