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RE: Talk Radio - Adam's quest to be on the air...

As a brief aside here, if you have no ego - you don't belong in 
broadcasting.  All talent must have an ego the size of Montana, it's the 
only way you can get through all the hell work of being talent is to know 
at your core that you are the best, you are always right, you are never 
wrong and therefore all is good.

By the same token, you must learn to keep that ego in check, no easy 
task.  Talent has to be big ego + thick skin.  You are right, they are 
wrong, end of story, next caller, heartrate slow and steady.   I would 
argue that I am 1000% better talent than I was when I was at the end of 
college, and at that point I was 1000% better than I was when I started 
college.  And the hard truth is, even now, three years out of college...I'm 
still not very good.   But the reason I'm getting better, slowly but 
surely, is that over time you hear every possible insult and degrading 
thing ever imaginable said to you.  After a while you start realizing that 
it doesn't matter much and you stop caring so much about it.  And it's one 
of those things that it's rare you can do without years of life experience.

Some folks can, though.  Perhaps you are one of them.  I sure wasn't 
;-)   Took me a long time to start understanding how a lot of people really 
have heard it all before, and the reason I understand it at all is that I'm 
hearing it myself.  heh heh.

I think the web idea is a good one...it'll give you a chance to see how 
much your heart is really in this.  Plus time to hone your broadcasting 
skills.   If you can keep at it for six months or a year and start 
producing some really good demotapes, then you're ready to start 
approaching college stations and *perhaps* really small, local-owned 
commercial outfits.   Spend at least two years, possibly 5 to 10 years at 
that level, and if you can demonstrate a loyal audience, you're ready to 
start approaching the bigger stations.

It sounds like a long time, and it is.  But this business does not let you 
in without paying your dues.  Either you pay with a lot of cash or a lot of 
time.  But either way, you must pay.

Good luck!

- Aaron

At 04:27 PM 1/8/02 -0800, Adam Rivers wrote:

>Ego? What ego? My goodness, I have no ego, and I'm not
>thin-skinned. I can be offended, but at school if I
>had an ego, I wouldn't be liked and I wouldn't always
>be smiling.... I am annoyed with them because
>they'aren't true. I have talked about my achievements
>(which are few and far between) because it backs up
>what I say. but I have no ego.
> > In some of your exchanges on this list, you've
> > demonstrated that you are thin-skinned and that your
> > ego
> > is easily bruised. Those are qualities that you
> > absolutely must totally expunge from your character
> > before you have any hope of keeping your sanity
> > while
> > doing a talk show. Every time a talk host opens the
> > microphone, he/she is sticking his/her head into the
> >
> > lion's mouth.
> >
> > If you express annoyance with my comments, you
> > merely
> > demonstrate the validity of my points!
> > --
> > dan.strassberg@att.net
> > 617-558-4205
> > eFax 707-215-6367
> >
> > > I was also thinking since the Mass. labor lawz or
> > > whatevre they are called minimum age is 14, and im
> > > turning 14 in the middle of April. I can wait til
> > > then.. I need a tape, then I would probably send
> > it to
> > > WHMP or WHYN..
> >
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