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RE: Talk Radio - Adam's quest to be on the air...

Ego? What ego? My goodness, I have no ego, and I'm not
thin-skinned. I can be offended, but at school if I
had an ego, I wouldn't be liked and I wouldn't always
be smiling.... I am annoyed with them because
they'aren't true. I have talked about my achievements
(which are few and far between) because it backs up
what I say. but I have no ego.


> In some of your exchanges on this list, you've 
> demonstrated that you are thin-skinned and that your
> ego 
> is easily bruised. Those are qualities that you 
> absolutely must totally expunge from your character 
> before you have any hope of keeping your sanity
> while 
> doing a talk show. Every time a talk host opens the 
> microphone, he/she is sticking his/her head into the
> lion's mouth.
> If you express annoyance with my comments, you
> merely 
> demonstrate the validity of my points! 
> --
> dan.strassberg@att.net
> 617-558-4205
> eFax 707-215-6367
> > I was also thinking since the Mass. labor lawz or
> > whatevre they are called minimum age is 14, and im
> > turning 14 in the middle of April. I can wait til
> > then.. I need a tape, then I would probably send
> it to
> > WHMP or WHYN.. 

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