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RE: Talk Radio - Adam's quest to be on the air...

Well, don't hold your breath until you get an answer 
from those stations--unless your parents tell you that 
they think that blue would be an especially attractive 
skin color on you. No medium market program director in 
his/her right mind will take a chance until you have 
experience on the Web or on a college station or at a 
station in a smaller market. As somebody already 
suggested, a brokered-time station, such as WALE, is a 
possibility--if your folks have a few grand that they 
want to spend helping you to get this out of your system.

You really need to try your wings with a show on the 
Web. That would surely test and hone your ability 
extemporize and to develop monologues. Both of those 
capabilities are absolutely necessary in a talk-show 
host, unless the station format allows you to chicken 
out and play some music or comedy cuts when nobody calls 
and you can't think of anything else to say. Few talk 
formats allow such ploys, however.

I think you have seriously underestimated the difficulty 
of what you want to do and the idea of trying to do a 
three or four-hour program with no demonstrated ability 
to do even a one-hour show just comes across as youthful 

In some of your exchanges on this list, you've 
demonstrated that you are thin-skinned and that your ego 
is easily bruised. Those are qualities that you 
absolutely must totally expunge from your character 
before you have any hope of keeping your sanity while 
doing a talk show. Every time a talk host opens the 
microphone, he/she is sticking his/her head into the 
lion's mouth.

If you express annoyance with my comments, you merely 
demonstrate the validity of my points! 
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> I was also thinking since the Mass. labor lawz or
> whatevre they are called minimum age is 14, and im
> turning 14 in the middle of April. I can wait til
> then.. I need a tape, then I would probably send it to
> WHMP or WHYN..