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Re: Tom Hennessey?

On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Dan Billings wrote:

> I don't know.   I'm not too impressed with WTHT.  I don't like the CHR
> approach to country with young sounding jocks who seem out of place with the
> music.  I'm not a fan of Dave Winsor in the morning.  He just doesn't have
> the personality to build a morning show around (see the ratings during his
> stint at WGAN).  The women that does middays for them is pretty good.

That woman who does middays is Jamie Lynn, a former co-worker of mine up
here in Bangor at top-40 WBZN Z-107. Very nice person to work with and she
was one of the easiest to talk to people there, not that I had a problem
with anyone else, but her and I got along very well. I actually got to
stop in and see her at WTHT a few months back this summer and she seems to
really enjoy working there. It was strange seeing the former WMTW-TV news
set turned into a bunch of radio stations......