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On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 Dan Billings wrote:

> I did not mean to imply in my post that ENCO
> requires an audible tone at the
> end of each talk break.  That was just how WCLZ had
> it set up to automate
> remote broadcasts.  For regular operation, audible
> tones are not required.
> (And they may now have a more modern system for
> remotes.  My example was
> from 1996.)

Honestly, I didn't know ENCO produced entire
automation systems and audio processing systems.  I
figured they were just some company that produced a
new automation system for remote broadcasts and other
phone in bits.  And WIII apparently had the phone in
part set up exactly the same as WCLZ did.  I've never
been in the WIII studios, but considering they are
owned by Citadel, and most of Citadel's other Upstate
NY properties run AudioVault, I would assume WIII does
as well for their primary operation, and just has ENCO
for that one purpose.

                         Matt Osborne
                         Hyde Park, NY 

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