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Re: Oldies programming

As expected, WODS has taken a very safe approach to adding the mid and
late '70s to its playlist. I listened at every opportunity
Wednesday-Saturday and heard only songs that were already staples of
classic rock ("Takin' Care of Business," "Band on the Run") or AC ("Your
Smiling Face," "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart."). 

Still a smattering of '50s and pre-Beatles '60s songs -- only the
biggies, of course ("Rock Around the Clock," "Runaround Sue") and, of
course the same-old-same-old "safe 250" Boston listeners have grown old
with for 15-plus years.

Funniest moment of the weekend: Saturday night, they played the "We've
got New England's biggest oldies library" sweeper, and followed it with
.... (drum roll) ... "Unchained Melody"!