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Re: Lost 45's on Oldies 103.3

I heard the first hour and will hear the rest later
(taped it); one song he did was "Sausalito
by Diesel, which I think came out in '81. He didn't
say that he was playing lost 45s of the 60s/70s only,
though the focus seemed mostly on those 2 decades (and
he didn't say what year the Diesel song came out in).

With a separate deck, I taped WROR's presentation of
the Tom Doyle "Tom's Townie Tunes" CD. Wonder how many
calls 'ROR got from people wondering why Barry
was suddenly missing (i.e., those who hadn't
heard of the switch via the papers or the Web).

--- Mark Watson <markwats@mediaone.net> wrote:
>    Listening to part of the first hour of the first
> "Lost 45's" show on
> WODS, seems that Barry is playing 60's, 70's and
> 80's titles. 

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